Rosato Spumante Brut


The sparkle between tradition and innovation

Production | 3.000 bottles.

Tipology | Rosè sparkling wine.

Grapes | Corvina, Rondinella, Molinara.

Harvest | Manual, in late September.

Soil | Calcareus, tufaceus, meager and rich in skeleton.

Vinification | After the crushing, follows a cold maceration to allow the aromatic extraction of different grape varieties, finally the juice is drained from the skins. 
Fermentation is under temperature control not exceeding 16°C. The wine undergoes a secondary fermentation inside an under pressure tank following the “Charmat Method” to develop a fine perlage. Before bottling, the wine waits “sur lies” to complete the maturity and finally become a fine sparkling.

Food pairings | Ideal as an aperitif, it matches very well with a light meal, sushi or fish cruditès. Also very good with pizza.

Bright pale pink color with light orange shades.
It’s fruity and elegant with hints of grapefruit, mandarin, violet and rose.
Very pleasant and refreshing, elegant notes of raspberry and strawberry. Well balanced, it’s got a good minerality and acidity. Persistent fruity after taste.
Temperature of serving
4 - 6 °C
Rosato Spumante Brut